why graphcad
What sets apart.

Graphcad is an uniquely versatile, cost-effective and committed partner for your business. That’s why we’ll not only build you the best solution but provide it in a way that delivers real benefits for your business.

Graphcad offers an exceptional solution that is more flexible, affordable and reliable than anything else on the market because we have freed ourselves from the high costs and restrictions of traditional business models, offering streamlined processes that contrast dramatically with the process-heavy approach of larger organisations.

Here’s what makes us different


Graphcad’s fresh and innovative approach recognises that every project is unique and therefore requires a tailored approach. From our pool of skilled and experienced professionals, we’ll configure a team of people who not only understand your aims but have the skills and expertise to help you achieve them. So, you enjoy a handpicked team and an approach tailored to suit your precise requirements.


Graphcad is a group of like-minded specialists who favour co-operation and collaboration over the traditional corporate structure. Our flexible way of structuring your project team allows us to call in specialists and resources as, and when, we need them, so you only pay for what you use. No over servicing, no surplus resources, no dead wood. Your results are maximised and your costs reduced.


"Graphcad has partnered with Medibank Private to provide retail design solutions for over 15 years and nearly 450 sites…This was achieved through very effective and professional design and carefully listening to Medibank’s needs."

Aaron Green, National Property Manager, Medibank Private Limited.

"Novo Shoes had a tried & trusted existing concept design which Graphcad has applied to multiple sites across Australia & New Zealand. The application of the Retail Standards has improved the documentation & approval process with centre RDM’s”

Hans Bodewes, National Store Design & Construction Project Manager, Novo Shoes Group.

“I have worked with Graphcad over the past four years and find them to be very responsive and collaborative in their approach to Retail Store Design. Their attention to detail and commitment to delivering the right outcome by working alongside our team and with centre management to create the right instore experience leaves us impressed every time. I highly recommend Graphcad for your next retail design project.”

Hans Bodewes, National Store Design & Construction Project Manager, Novo Shoes Group.

The Graphcad group is a multi-skilled team of retail design professionals.

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